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Jewelry repair

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Jewelry repair services

Jewelry repair services are available for all fine gold, steel and platinum jewelry. Most repairs are completed in 1 hour or less by our experienced and professional jewelers using the latest methods and technics of today such as laser weldering. The benefits of laser weldering include.

No need for messy solder materials
Pinpoint accuracy for clean and neat repairs
No gold discoloration or ugly seams will be visible
Jewelry services:
  • General repairs
  • Antique jewelry restoration
  • Diamond setting
  • Ring sizing
  • Like new cleaning and polishing
Please call or e-mail for a quote on service.

Jewelry service by Miami Watch & Jewelry Exchange comes with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee after repair work is completed. Partial services are not guaranteed one year.

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Fill out the contact form and upload the photos of your valuables. We will determine the estimate of your repair.

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